A.Vaitkunas.Uzrasu knygele

A. Vaitkūnas. Drawings from the sketch-book. 1997


It’s important to fall into a flow, a current – it’s only after that
one chooses a path.
With the current or against the current. You can choose
already from the very first line.
(A. Vaitkūnas, Undated)

The collection "Arūnas Vaitkūnas (1956-2005). DRAWINGS AND PHOTOGRAPHY" is composed of enlarged digital prints of drawings and photographies from the artists travels. The content of the images, wich lets to look at author's creation from various angels, talks about that one thing - Creating. The repeating themes of the drawings witnesses constant thinking, going deep into things that lie behind the apparent things' surface. The repetition of the same motives marks the slide of thought, the movement in physical space and puzzles of the minds. It means the very important moment of artist's creation - the process. "If you know everything till the end, know how to make it and finish it, there is no point to work, because it already is done in the mind", - the painter wrote.

The photographies were done by A. Vaitkūnas during various trips. The storyline comes and in the drawings. Why do appeare this wish to draw a photographed view? Is it a "double" seeing of one piece of the world and it's fixation? Some riddles of artist's creation we will not be able to gues, but in the pictures, where mostly are captured not very clear views of Samogitia, old utensils, liturgical accesories, churches interiors, seem to testify the "Sacred Lithuania", its mistical spirit, and overall - depth of the search.

Drawings of A. Vaitkūnas same as his painting, has affects us with the strong emotion, wich is radiated by every image, that was seen and from anew built on paper. That important slide happens, when the feeling is transformed into creation, but not the reflection of surrounding: from the world to art (meaning, to another parallel reality)...

Artists words: "Everything is just a process". The repeatance of themes in his drawings, also shows the searching, "process", constant travel. "You just do, what you have to do" (A. Vaitkūnas). It is understandable, that the talk goes not about choice, but about the faited task. That kind of artists - people, who surrenders for their mission. They walk with their hands up. That is why the goal of the travvel is not the searching for a place, but the journey itself.

A year ago in Kaunas (A. Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum and gallery "Meno parkas") took place presentation of A. Vaitkūnas drawings, photography and his drawings' book. The exhibition In Molėtai Art Gallery - the part of the gallery's "Meno parkas" project "Known of Unknown".