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Vigintas Stankus


Abstract, mixed media compositions and objects exposed in the exhibition. Vigintas Stankus talks about abstraction as if it would not demand for the explanaition.

There is felt artist's approach of this genre as it would be difficult, but naturaly happening: "Abstarctions as abstractions. I will not talk a lot about them.

Those are born, happen, starts to live at a certain moment of painting. It is just necessery to stop at a right time. Anyway, I miss in them a form. I needed to do something quickly. That is how I, by the way -  hardly, dared to paint a little human. He is needful like a form, that I needen't to think, what to visualise now. A human without a name, gender etc. It is easier in this way, because you do not need to bother neither about the forms, nor colours: after all, there are all kinds of them in life.
The main process of painting becomes more free. So, if I came closer at least one millimeter to the painting - a little human already served the purpose. By the way, I believe, that it is only a part of the road."

The appearance of the figure - a conscious move, trying to avoid personal mechanisation. And that figure is more perceived as a contour of the figure. Of identityless human whose form is like a scale of abstraction.

"Those happen". Accidently or unavoidably. It is an action. Creation - a movement, a part of a process. Just the measure is not that clear as millimeters or centimeters, but more likely complicated conceived as a light-year.