Greta Grendaitė (1980)

Besides taking part in numerous individual and group art shows, artist is also a curator of several group exhibitions, students’ art shows, author of over 10 research publications based on art and culture fields, speaker at the conferences, e.g. “Graphic Art at the Crossroad of Contemporary Arts” (Vilnius, 2008), „The Japanese Image in Europe“ (Kaunas, 2007). Worked as assistant (2005) and as junior researcher (2005-2008) at the Centre of the Japanese Studies, Vytautas Magnus University, lecturer (2005-2011) and associate professor (2011-2015) at the Department of Graphic Arts (2009-2012 – the department head’s position) at Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Together with artist Tomas Vosylius, forms the basis of a creatively active group Legal (Art) Lovers.




1996 graduated from A. Martinaitis Children’sArtSchool,Kaunas.

2002  BFA, Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Art Institute.

2003 postgraduate studies at the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai.Japan.

2004 Asian Studies at Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka. Japan.

2005 MA, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas.


Solo, Duo, Trio exhibitios:

2013 „Disguise“ (LT: “Persirengimas”) – duo show with Tomas Vosylius, gallery „Meno parkas“, Kaunas.

2012 Solo show as a part of „Ateliers Portes Ouvertes. Artistes de Montrouge“, residency studio in Montrouge, Paris.

2010 “At the Supreme Moment” (LT: “Lemiamu momentu”) – duo show with Domas Noreika, Vytautas Magnus University gallery “101”, Kaunas.

2010 „Blackness Approaching” – trio show with Rūta Spelskytė, Šarūnas Surblys, gallery Verkligheten, Umea. Sweden.

2009 „Before the Outburst“ – duo show with Rita Marhaug at the International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference „Impact 6“, UWE Bristol. UK.

2009 “Psychoacoustics” (LT: „Psichoakustika“) – duo show with Rita Marhaug, gallery at “Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations”, Kaunas.

2005 “The Way of Ink” (LT: “Tušo kelias”), galerija “Grafikos Galerija”,Kaunas.

2005 “Japanese Architecture & Its Surroundings”, the National M. Mažvydas Library,Vilnius.

2003-2005 “Fixed Moments inJapan”, Embassy ofJapan,Vilnius.

2003-2004 “Shine” (LT: “Švytėjimai”), Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas.

2000 “Us” – duo show with Tomas Vosylius, gallery of “Perkūnas house”,Kaunas.


Main group exhibitions:

2015 - „Black & White“ - Tallinn Drawing Triennial. Tallinn Art Hall. Estonia.

2015 International artists’ group show “Show Your Colors 3”. SMAHK, Assen . Holland.

2015 Exhibition “Changing Worlds”. International multidisciplinary printmaking conference “Impact 9”. China.

2015 “The Wall (archives)” - 10th presentation of the international project „The Wall Archives“, “Assab One”, Milan. Italy.

2015 Kaunas International Printmaking Biennial “Culture Line”. Šiauliai Picture Gallery, Šiauliai, and Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas.

2014 International Contemporary Art Fair “ART VILNIUS’11” with “ArtCart”. LITEXPO, Vilnius.

2014 3rd Quadrennial of Lithuanian Contemporary Art “Q14”, Artillery Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall, National Museum of Lithuania.

2014 “Home” - 9th presentation of the international project „The Wall Archives“, “Sponge ArteContemporanea”, Florence. Italy.

2014, 2013 „Message en Lituanie“ – international continuous contemporary art exchange project „Meno linija“. „Galerie des Escuries“, Montagnac, and Maison L‘International, Grenoble. France.

2013 „MENAS HEIßT KUNST”, Städtische Galerie Herne, Germany.

2013 „Beyond the Railway“ - 8th presentation of the international project „The Wall Archives“. CRAC, Centro Ricerca Arte Contemporanea, Cremona. Italy.

2013 "Lithuanian Contemporary Jewellery Art". Gallery „Ulupuh“, Zagreb. Croatia.

2013 „Carrément“. Gallery „4, Barbier“, Nimes. France.

2013 „European Contemporary Print Triennial 2013", Toulouse. France.

2013 Lithuanian Jewelry Art Exhibition („Lietuvos autorinės juvelyrikos paroda“). Užutrakis Manor House.

2013 Lithuanian Sculpture and Graphic Art Exhibition „Potency“ at Šiauliai Picture Gallery, Šiauliai, and Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas.

2012 „Show Your Colors 2“– international artists group exhibition, “Espace Arlaud”, Lausanne. Switzerland.

2012 From 2012 invited artist contributing to the traveling international project The Wall Archives” (, inFlorence,Cremona, etc. Italy).

2012 „A4Printmakers“, “The Poly” in Falmouth and “Wheal Martin” in Cornwall. UK.

2011-2013 JCE Biennial /Jeune Création Européenne, France (Montrouge), Lithuania (Klaipėda), Germany (Hamburg), Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Pécs), Austria (Salzburg), Portugal (Amarante), Italy (Genova), Spain.

2011 International charity project „Help Hope Health“ in collaboration with a global non-profit organization CARE. „H3 Concept Gallery“, Paris. France.

2011 „Show Your Colors“– international artists group exhibition. „Villa de Olmen“, Wieze. Belgium.

2011 “Graphic contexts: Declaration”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

2011 International Contemporary Art Fair “ART VILNIUS’11” with the gallery “Meno Parkas”. LITEXPO, Vilnius.

2011 Invited artist in the printmaking exhibition of the year „Print‘10“. Gallery „Kairė – dešinė“ of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, Vilnius.

2010 International exhibition “Fata Morgana”. Gallery “Meno parkas”,Kaunas.

2010 “Lithuanian Drawing”. Gallery “Spokojna 15”,Warsaw.Poland.

2010 curator and participant of the exhibition „Graphic Art: Tradition - Experiment“ of the professors and students of Graphic Art Department Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty. National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas.

2009 „Context“. Gallery „La-Xina-Art“, Barcelona. Spain.

2009 “Daily Routine Iconography: Lithuania 1970-1993”, part of the 2nd Quadrennial of Lithuanian Contemporary Art, program of visual arts of “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture”, Vilnius.

2009 „Artwork Based on the Motives of the Lithuanian Fairy-tales”. Art Center of Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas.

2009 Exhibition of the international continuous calligraphy art project „Travelling Letters“. Book Fair, (Lvov, Ukraine), gallery "Soviart" (Kiev, Ukraine), M. Lermontov‘s Central Library (Sankt Petersburg).

2008-2009 “Kaunas in Art: Contexts” – International Contemporary Art Festival, Kaunas.

2008 “Baltic Bridges”. Kaunas Picture Gallery,Kaunas.

2007  4th International Artist Book Triennial. “Oceanside Museum”, USA.

2007 International art exhibition „4x=?”. Contemporary Art Museum, Radom. Poland.

2007 International art project „Four Way Exchange Print Portfolio – Scotland, Norway, Lithuania, England”.

2006 The 4th International Artist Book Triennial. Gallery “Arka”,Vilnius.

2006 „Ultima Ratio“ – international project „Menas šiandien“. Gallery „Meno Parkas“, Kaunas.

2006 “LETTRA” at the International Print Triennial, Cracow.Poland.

2005 “Postcard” (LT: “Atvirlaiškis”) – international project „Menas šiandien“. Gallery “Meno Parkas”,Kaunas.

2003 “23 Sins” – 3rd international artist book triennial. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.

2002 “Jazzy Print”. “Kaunas Picture Gallery”,Kaunas.

2002 “Art Frankfurt”, Frankfurt. Germany.

2001 “Debiutas”. “Prospekto Galerija”,Vilnius.


Author's publications:

- Greta Grendaitė-Vosylienė. Photographical Expression of Reality in Contemporary Lithuanian Graphic Arts // Graphic Arts at the Crossroads of the Contemporary Art. Straipsnių rinkinys. Ed. by Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė. Vilnius: AICA, 2009.

- Greta Grendaitė. Dotted Line of Contemporary Graphic Art in Lithuania and the World (After Returning from the Conference „Impact 6“, Bristol) //

- Grendaite-Vosyliene, Greta. Corporeality and Contemporary Japanese Art as Presented in Europe // Image of Japan in Europe. Ed. Kyoko Koma. Kaunas: VDU leidykla, 2008, pp.85 – 100.

- Grendaitė, Greta. The Visuality of the „Photointentions“ – Towards the Creative Intercourse // Fotografija. Ed. by M. Matulytė. Vilnius, 2007, Nr. 2 (15). P. 13 – 15.

- Grendaitė, Greta. One Reality, Multiple Photographic Revelations of Its Phenomenon // Fotografija. Ed. by M. Matulytė. Vilnius, 2007, Nr. 1 (14). P. 16 – 18.

- Grendaitė, Greta. Position: Critical Conceptuality // Nemunas. 2007, Nr. 4. P. 2, 14.

- Grendaitė, Greta. Control of the Flow of Script // Nemunas. 2007, Nr. 1. P. 5, 9.

- Grendaitė, Greta. Rejected Ostentation: “Refined Poverty” and Its Perfection in the Tea Way Architecture // Baltijos ir Rytų Azijos studijos: Naujieji transnacionaliniai iššūkiai ir Rytų patirtis. Regioninės studijos. Kaunas: VDU leidykla, 2006, Nr. 1. P. 173 – 189.

- Grendaitė, Greta. Fotografuoti gali kiekvienas ? // Nemunas. 2006, Nr. 45-46. P. 17 – 18. 

Awards, grants, scholarships, residencies, etc.:

2015 Grant for the individual creative work from the LR Ministry of Culture.

2013 Grant for the individual creative work fromKaunasMunicipality.

2012 Residence in Montrouge / Paris as a part of the Biennial JCE /Jeune Création Européenne.

2012 Invited artist at the international workshop “To Be Told” (curator Pietro Gaglianò). Exfila Connessioni Metropolitane in Florence.Italy.

2010 Honorary Award for the “contribution to the contemporary graphic art” at the International Graphic Art Triennial „Triennale de Chamalieres“. France.

2010  Diploma at the 7th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms.Vilnius.

2010  Grant for the individual creative work from the LR Ministry of Culture.

2006  Honorary Award atCzestochowaInternational Biennial of Miniature Art. Poland.

2004 Scholarship for 1 year studies at the Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka. Japan.

2003 Grant for 2 months studies at the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai. Japan.

2003  prize winner at the virtual exhibition-competition of graphic art “Baltic Network”.Sweden.


Since 2009 - member of Lithuanian Artists Association;

Since 2002 - member of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers.