Juliusz Sokołowski.HEAVEN ABOVE WARSAW

On the 31st of May at 6 p.m. at Kaunas Photography Gallery (Rotušės sq. 1/ Vilniaus st. 2, Kaunas) was opened one of the contemporary art festival's "Kaunas in Art. Talking" starting exhibitions - "Sky Above Warsaw" by Julisz Sokołowski.

Julius Sokolwski



by Juliusz Sokolowski, photography

Juliusz Sokołowski says, that he creates in the periphery of Poland and so much in the periphery in general, in whole art. He takes shots of circumference. Society: prisoners, circus men (cycles from the second part of 80s) or his city: instead of fancy, representative parks and streets – neighbourhood of power station of thermoelectricity , railway warehouses, subways. He photographs architecture: lovable and great examples, most interesting decisions, that have been made in his city. It would be “Gazeta Wyborzca“ publisher‘s Agory house, building of Warsaw University, it would be the new Warsaw Trade Tower next to the Old Party building, residence of Polish United Workers‘ Party, ultra contemporary bureau’s „Topaz“ building, super market’s “Panorama” building. All this is just a small part of constructions, periphery. And pieces of the sky.

His works (photographs) knows millions of Warsaw’s citizens and guests, because all of them were shown on the facade of Palace of Culture and Science in 2001. Sokolowski was the author, curator of this idea and one of the participants of this outstanding exhibition. Sokolowski also was one of internet portal “Latarnik”, also one of the founders of association “Koalicji Latarnik” , which buys young photographers’ works (including Anete Grzeszykowska and Jan Smage, who today are country and worldwide stars).

J. Sokolowski hosts exclusive workshops at University of Warsaw, educates the young generation of photographers, which gathers more and more recognition.

Still, all of this does not change the fact that the artist stays somewhere in the “periphery”. Unknown master of photography or, if is known, just because we have heard something about him. Known from stories.

He exhibits his works very rarely, but in contemporary art festival “Kaunas in Art. Talking” – one of the firsts his retrospective exhibitions beyond his country borders.

The most important part of the exhibition “Sky Above Warsaw” is consisted of works cycle “The Sky”. Fragments of splendiferous architectural realisations of Warsaw are presented in the huge size photographs, where author does not pay attention for whole architecture of the building. He captures the details: edge of the roof, overlay of a building. The cycle contains 9 photograms “The Edge of the Roof and the Sky”, 3 panoramas of the Vysla’s shores and a portrait of “Topaz” building (3 parts).

All works belongs to “Jems” (architecture’s workshop). The pictures are framed in rough wooden frames with harden glass.

All of them show lanes and alleys (even if there are captured well known architectural objects), panoramas as well.

There are exposed 4 panoramic shots, named “The City of Warsaw”, 4 big size works from the cycle “The City of Warsaw” and triptych “Warsaw’s Filters”.

Curator Krzysztof Stanislawski

Exhibition was opened till 30th of June.