Arvydas Barysas. Esthete of Form and Light

On 31st of May at 7:30 p.m. at the gallery "Meno parkas" (Rotušės sq. 27, Kaunas) in festival's program "Kaunas in Art. Talking" - documentary movie about diaspora's artist Algimantas Kezys "Esthete of Form and Light" by Arvydas Barysas.

Formos ir sviesos estetas.Still002

Approximately 7 years ago after visiting America for the first time, A. Barysas told, that he just fell in love with this country and its Lithuanians. ”Impression was amazing, - remembers his first visit. – at first that people – totally different than Lithuanians in Lithuania. It is even hard to say where is that difference – poise, appearance or elsewhere. However they are united by the thing, that all of them speaks Lithuanian very well and some of them even very oldish. Some dialects have not remained in Lithuania. It enchanted and fascinated me.”

After being “enchanted and fascinated” director came to Lithuania and decided to built movie series “World Famous Lithuanians” – about people, who are famous in America and world, but there is little known about them in Lithuania.

When I looked, what is being written about director A. Barysas, I noticed that everywhere he is being represented like a special promoter of Lithuania’s culture. A real documentary movie genre master A. Barysas has already created over 60 documentary movies, where exclusive attention is paid for Lithuania’s culture and heritage’s saving.

After being asked, what a visitor will see during the movie review, A. Barysas replies, that in this film is being told a story of a peculiar and meaningful life road of a photo-artist. His departure from Lithuania, difficult way to America, chosen priest profession and a incoming of photography to his life.

“Our movies even documentary are far from simple interview or reportage, - A. Barysas shared the secrets of creative kitchen. – each person we film many times, in different conditions and situations. We filmed Algimantas in USA, at his place and after that, in Lithuania, his mother land in Vištytis, than in Chicago again, in his studio and so on. That is why sometimes it is even necessary to have a time gap and opportunity to meet our character after year or few. That is why we visit America so often now.

Everybody who is familiar with Arvydas creation, admits that its exceptionality comes from the huge love for Lithuania, which feels in whole his works. It doesn’t matter what this artist is filming, his touch to Lithuania is always special and gentile. Therefore, it is surprising, that after being asked about main his goal of his work, Arvydas Barysas doesn’t talk about festivals, awards or global recognition, but answers – I want to save Lithuania.