On the 12th of June at 6 p.m. at the gallery "Meno parkas" (Rotušės st. 27 , Kaunas) was presented project "How Come..." and on the 20th of June moved to Town Hall Square at the outside screen of cafe "Skliautas" and stayed there till the 8th of July


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Laurent Prexl

Sans titre julien Francioli

Julien Francioli

Mylène Malberti  electric king

Mylène Malberti


Artists on the birth of artworks.

22 videos of artists invite you to take part in sessions to develop a work and / or artistic approach.
All these movies like a series of "living pictures" with intent, introduces us to the diversity of artistic expression in the making...
Thus, that the point of view of the artist, we will participate in art in the making ... no interviews or comments ...
To do this I entrust a camera to artists whose practice touches me in the perspective of an unlimited series... done... over the meetings here and there ...
Each years films will be reunited, as a collection, in the form of a DVD box set, distributed at the exhibition or art bookshops.

Curator Catherine Guilbot

Artists: Veronique Aubouy (FR), Ludovic Bastide (FR), Jerome Bauduin (FR), Abdelkader Benchamma (FR), David Blondel, Jennifer Brial (FR), David Brunel (FR), Jeremy Damien (FR), Lynda Deleurence (FR), Antoine Deschamps (FR), Julien Francioli (FR), Alexandre Gerard (FR), Frédéric Khodja (FR), Suzy Lelièvre (FR), Daniel Levy (FR), Didier Ben Loulou (IL), Mylène Malberti (FR), Nicolas Pene (FR), Laurent Prexl (FR), Bertrand Rigaux (FR), Cecile Straumann (FR), Remi Tamain (FR), Caroline Tapernoux (FR), Virginie Trastour (FR).

Exhibition was opened till 19th of June