On 28th of June (Thursday) at 5 p.m.  at the gallery "MJ studija" (Rotušės a. 1, Kaunas) was presented "Mobile Exhibition - Kaunas" by Romana Schmalisch (DE).


After the end of Romana Schmalisch’s long-term “Mobile Cinema” tour, which brought her to more than 26 places, including Kaunas, the artist now return with a mobile site-specific exhibition, as a second part of her new series “Mobile Exhibition”. The “Mobile Cinema”, which came to life only through the movement to a different place and live performances by the artist, was the starting point for an examination of the ephemeral moment and the possibilities of its fixation within an exhibition displace. How can different forms of models be developed that may reflect and visualise this moment of movement and the fleetingness of a performance diagrammatically without resorting to classical forms of documentation?

In various media, the “Mobile Exhibition” will analyse the different forms of languages, their translations into text, movement and image.

Part of the “Mobile Exhibition” for Kaunas is an audio tour guide with a personal report of what happened during the tour of “Mobile Cinema”, different forms of graphical notations on large prints that translate different movements in the city of Kaunas, and a filmic work that examines one single point, the Sorrow Palace of Ritual Services in Kaunas, which was the strongest image left in the artist’s memory after her “Mobile Cinema” visit in 2009.

Exhibition was opened till 31st of July.