CREATurE. Jan Lubicz Przyluski „The Art of Action“

On the 19th of June at 7p.m. at the bar "B. O." was presented documentary movie by Jan Lubicz Przyluski (PL) „The Art of Action“.

World greatest performers reveal the secrets of their intentions and motivations. Tensions and conflicts of the people who dedicated their life to the ephemeral art of direct action.

A story about universal human need of expression and communication.

Starring: Jan Swidzinski, Adina Bar-On, Warpechowski, Seiji Shimoda, Nigel Rolfe. As well as Boris Nieslony, Iwan Wijono, Waldemar Tatarczuk, etc.

Jan Lubicz Przyluski – Cultural anthropologist and filmmaker. Author of “Art of Action” (2007), hermeneutics of performative arts in Poland.
He is directing films, postdirecting (found footage) and editing movies. He made a number of documentaries and a lot of short experimental films. He is cooperating with various visual artists, in ex. video installations for Wiktor Gutt presented at the Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw and National Gallery. Author of a series of documentaries on art naive for National Audiovisual Institute. In theater, he is collaborating with Krystian Lupa in “Persona”. He runs Bellmer Society, a art organisation based in Katowice, focused on the art of Hans Bellmer, surrealism, hermetism and magical arts.