Curiosity to try something new is the driving force of my creativity. I am looking for the sources of the ancient cultures, which are still alive today and still animates the SPIRIT of humanity.

 I saw an exhibition in Tel Aviv Museum of Art a few years back which made a remarkable impression to me. Harmony of geometrical shapes and colours, decorativity spoke about the philosophy of art unknown to me. It was an Australian aboriginal painting.

 There was a huge desire to learn more about this culture, to know what those incomprehensible signs speaks to me. I got that opportunity in 2010 and left for the 3 month tour through Australia with great enthusiasm. I visited museums, galleries, aboriginal festivals and fairs. I shoot and took pictures. Once again, I‘ve been convinced that there are many common symbols, significant signs in the phenomena of human culture. For example, creation of the world, birth - death, human - nature relationship, ancestor cult,  reverberations of cataclysms, etc.

 I am trying to present common Indo-European and Aboriginal mythological motives in this exhibition, using aboriginal style, through my personal vision.

Zinaida Dargienė