At the Giedrė Bartelt's gallery "Showraum TROFEJAS" – exhibition of contemporary Lithuanian artists' works & "live" still-life by professional gardener - "Art & Vegetables".

Five weighty artists' artworks: ceramists Eglė Česonytė and Agnė Kondrataitė, photo artist Algis Griškevičius, textile artist Lina Zavadskė and sculptor Marius Zavadskis. Near to these artists' works - still-life of natural objects (flowers & vegetables) by Faustas Sužiedėlis.

Black & white photography of Algis Griškevičius (b. 1954) – full of irony (and self irony), that creats not only a funny situations, well thought scenes, but also explores, express criticism for a human. Works by ceramist Eglė Česonytė (b. 1967) - moulding bone porcelain by pasting every tiny detail with hands and the lical gilding gives an impulse of sotftness. In the agressive clay atworks of Agnė Kondrataitė remain the function of a dish, while using characteristic figure of a human along. Lina Zavadskė (b. 1976) creates images of a picked off nature ("Plums", 2013, "Banana", 2013) in a precise genre of textile art (colored beads on fabric). Bronze sculpture „Paradise Garden“ (2013) in a chamber format of 15x8x8 cm by Marius Zavadskis (b. 1979) demonstrates possibilities of a genre.

Gardener Faustas Sužiedėlis creates by using flora and by extending / putting the emphasies in the exposition. The head of gallery and one of the curators Giedrė Bartelt partly based on A. Griškevičus photographic still-life while thinking through the whole exhibition, what influenced real plants appearance and the theme of still-life.

Remembering Aristotel's thought, not representing the outward appearance of things, art stumulates to realise the significance. in this exhibition the outward is beeing represented and it is also being offered to perceive the essence. 

-With what do you need to eat art?

-You may eat it with vegetables on a side.

by Giedrė Legotaitė