Antanas ir Bronius 2013 81X100

Competitive exhibition "Interpretations of A. Samuolis' Painting". The exhibition is dedicated to 20th jubilee of international plein-air to remember A. Samuolis.

The concept of the exhibition: annual international plein-air's to remember A. Samuolis are continuing by trying to mark the importance of Kaunas Art School and to develop Lithuanian tradition of painting. Plein-air is annualy dedicated to one of the most famous Lithuanian interwar period painters, a member of modernists group "Ars", Antanas Samuolis. The goal of the event is to promote Lithuanian culture, gather proffesional artists from different countries and different schools of painting, by trying creatively reveal theme of the plein-air.

Considering the longterm traditions of A. Samuolis plein-air's and the importance of this figure to Lithuanian art field, the competitive exhibition is being organized, wich idea is based on interpretations of Antanas Samuolis paintings. The organizers of this exhibition invited artists to create a work (or cycle) varying the chosen motive of A. Samuolis painting.

Curator: Gintautas Vaičys

Organizer: Lithuanian Artists' Association Kaunas Department

Exhibition will be opened till 6th of September.