The exhibition MESSAGE EN LITUANIE - is one of many events in autumnal Grenoble, where will spray concentrate Lithuanian art, and by this, the tribute for long term collaboration will be paid.

Gallery "Meno parkas" will present creation of graphics artists from Kaunas. While concentrating on Kaunas city, it is aimed to represent graphics art situation here. By exposing cycles of different generations' artists, exploiting different manners of creation, is being aimed to attract critic look, call out reaction, get to hear the reciprocal discussions of the pieces, supplementing stories or the echo.

Participating artists: Romualdas Čarna, Greta Grendaitė, Martyna Jančaitytė, Dominyka Kancytė, Evaldas Mikalauskis, Egidijus Rudinskas, Edmundas Saladžius, Martyna Stasiulionytė.

Curators: Greta Grendaitė, Giedrė Legotaitė, Arvydas Žalpys.


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