Specialy for this exhibition prepared exposition is formed of new pieces - objects, installations, videos. Are the things realy silence? What does the "silence" even mean? Authors statement, that everyone has a right to imagination, does not oblige perceiver with meanings, formulated in advance. Part of the pieces of this exhibition are made-over, it is like they would talk again. About the hushed artworks A. Žalpys talks without sentiments: "There are many silent works, that collects dust in the shelves. Because of not wanting to keep them quiet, I change amplua with the other one". According to the author, silence is significant thing: are we able to stay quiet, when it is for the best? Can a video still to force to think about the silence? Overall, is it possible to convey silence with visual means of expression? The artist exhaust the bad side of the painting - speechless canvas, which usually sees only the wall and remains inaudible. Pieces opens up, talks anew, confess something - breaks the silence.