Exhibition of father and son LA MA YU RU

The idea for exhibition was born in a small Buddhist town at the top ofHimalaya.

Painter Jonas and photoartist Ignas are making joint exhibition for the second time. The first one - graphic exhibition took place 25 years ago, now father and son both have changed their techniques and are back together. This time inspiration for the exhibition became Lamayuru - the place in space and time, relationships and loneliness. It is some kind of destination, where one goes to without expectation and foreseeing. For Maldžiūnai family the small Buddhist town at thepeakofHimalayabecame this destination, the gift of creative satisfaction - unexpected miracle from which this exhibition was born.

This time Jonas Mladžiūnas exposes two interdependent mixed media cycles. One is "Farewell with Nemunas" created in 2002, when he starts paint not only with acrylic, ink, but also fire, many-layered paper ceilings (Jonas achieves a three dimensional effect by ripping and gluing paintings). Using the same technique and inspired by months lasted the father-son trip in Far East, the artist chooses the basis for his paintings photographies of his son Ignas. It is a second Jonas Maldžiūnas' cycle directly related with exposed photography if Ignas Maldžiūnas.

As usually refreshing and deep series of Ignas, created in 2012 inLamayuru environs, waited for its turn and gained new meaning. Two artistic souls merged into one occurrence incited by one small miracle - exhibition at gallery "Meno parkas". 

Aušra Žilovaitė