Arvydas Martinaitis. ZONE OF COLOURS II

Painter Arvydas Martinaitis (born 1971) every year presents his newest pieces after intensive work. This exhibition is no exception. Just last September was presented the first exhibition of the diptych "Zone of Colours" at the gallery "Akademija" (Vilnius). Knowing the diversity of artist's creation, the new one caught the viewers by surprise.

Works created expressively, central composition is abstract. Chaotic shapes from vast of dimpling colours formed in some pieces (imagined by viewer or specially drawn by the artist) compose an impression of various, thick and multilayered crowd. These artworks come from the first exhibition "Zone of Colours" inVilnius. "Here are much of everything" - Arvydas laughs, - "but it is probably genetic, as the father liked this way as well...".

Exhibition "Zone of Colours II" is composed of works created in 2014 - 2011 (some of them came from the first show "Zone of Colours"). Abstract canvases rise impression as if it be sensual space. Pieces of artist have light years distant from the emptiness: fulfilled space, even though with "swollen" shapes, opens up in front of our eyes the same way as the temper of the author – very optimistic and cheerily. This profusion is like an adventure, opportunity to pick the fragment, spot of the painting, which could inspire to think not only about, how it has been made, but also why?

Arvydas, while talking about his creation, not accidentally mentions his colleague Aušra Barzdukaitė–Vaitkūnienė (both lectures at J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts,Kaunas). They know each other for years: Aušra was a lecturer at the same faculty while he was at student in 1989 – 1993. Her works, opinion or position in the matter of art is important to the painter (for example: while talking about the paint of his paintings, Arvydas compares the situation with Aušra).

Arvydas uses construction paint in most of his works of "Zone of Colours II", the brush is replaced with construction trowel. An abstraction was the most suitable for this technique. Paint, that are used in construction, it's glitter and blind, equally covered surface was attractive to many painters (of course, after testing profusion of semitones and shades in the layers of paints). For example,Kaunas' abstractionist Vytautas Povilaitis (1927-2009) created his last works using floor paint and this way creates impress of author drawing the line between the codes of his earlier painterly meanings. Contemporary artists, same as the old modernists, are not afraid of trying different ways of expression, creating distinctive techniques, that would provide desired effect of  "vitality" for canvas or would change earlier traditional goals.

Painting of the past few years links everything to the path of contemplation and experiments. The situation is being controlled by huge, running, pouring endlessly spills now. That is why the author feels the need for different paint or stroke, i. e. not a stroke, but pouring. Artist creates huge formats on the ground and has to manage not only position, sizes that changed, but also the seeing of the colours. The pouring of a colour, possession, confrontation and conversion to something else, chaotic shapes - that is that permanent game, which author presents to us.

Dr. Kristina Budrytė–Genevičė