The series of intermedia works has been created upon inspiration of photographs from popular newspapers, as well as catalogues and advertising pamphlets. Realistic pictures and colorful advertisements published in papers inspire the artist to look for connections between them and combine them into almost abstract compositions. The cut out elements are sticked onto black paper. What often appears to be the most interesting, are backgrounds, fragment of textiles and textures of some objects. Having undergone deconstruction, they make space for constructing new metaphors and narrations. Forms similar to objects imitate the shape of life forms.

On the basis of the collages, the artist creates paintings, objects and animations.

The original meaning becomes partly hidden or disappears completely, while what was previously camouflaged becomes exposed. The artist creates an intimate climate, playing with the source material, where the thing is not so much about finding a reference to it as about continuous discovering new areas between a sensual impression and specific connotation.

Acting like that, she creates works which constitute freeze-frame areas, a sort of silence within the informative hum.

Source: Artist materials, Translation: Stalowa Gallery materials

“Concert” / Imaginary collages

Justyna Kabala's work is an over twenty-metres-long collage which is the artist's interpretation of Piano Concerto by Witold Lutosławski. The creation of the work was directly prompted by the music, performed on 22nd September 2013 by Krystian Zimerman at the National Philharmonic, within the 56th edition of Warsaw Autumn festival. The concert is a composition designed for solo grand piano and orchestra, commissioned by Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele) and performed there in 1988 by Krystian Zimmerman (to whom it is dedicated) accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Witold Lutosławski himself.

The collage is a composition arranged of elements, newspaper cut-outs, glued onto black paper. It is made of twenty-six oblong, horizontal fragments, each of which relates approximately to one minute of the whole composition. Justyna Kabala's work is more of a free interpretation of the music, resulting from the artist's own research and her quest concerning relationships of sound and vision, than an attempt to precisely reflect the score.

“Concert” is one part of a broader series, titled “Kolaż imaginacyjny” (“Imaginary Collage”). Basing on collages, the artist creates paintings, objects and animations. This inter-media project was inspired by photographs published by popular magazines as well as catalogues and store fliers. Realistic photographs, often of journalistic nature, as well as colourful advertisements printed in magazines inspire Justyna Kabala to juxtapose them, creating almost abstract compositions. Subject to deconstruction, they create space for building new metaphors and narratives. The artist creates an intimate atmosphere, playing with source materials, where it is not only about finding references but about constant discovering of new areas between a sensual experience and a given association.

Source: Artist materials, translation: Stalowa Gallery materials,  XX1 Gallery materials.


Justyna Kabala (b. 1981)

Polish artist specialized in painting. Lives and works in Warsaw.
In the years 2001-2006 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She graduated from the Faculty of Painting under the direction of prof. Krzysztof Wachowiak. She is a laureate of scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the year 2005, and a laureate of a few awards at “Warsaw Graphics” contest. In 2006 she got the ‘Golden Laurel Branch’ of the Artistic Agency 3A for her diploma work. In 2006 she was nominated to take part in the International Print Triennial in Cracow within the framework ‘The Best Diploma – a student and his supervisor’. In 2012 and 2010 she was a top twenty of the ranking ‘Compass of Young Art’ in Poland. Recently she is studying at doctorate studies at Institute of Fine Arts in Kielce, Poland. She was taking apart in many individual and group exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and Belgium.


Exhibition will be opened till June 21st.

Exhibition is part of project "The Young. Green Consciousness - 4".

The project is part-financed by Kaunas City Municipality.