Myth and Art. Festival "Kaunas in Art"

This exhibition in the festival’s programme appeared more than a year ago, when gallery “Meno parkas” was preparing for the young artists’ joint project with Croatian Association of Artists (Zagreb). Artists Jūratė Jarulytė and Agnė Jonkutė advised and helped to select a group of possible young artists. Creative ideas and success of the project “Myth and Art” in Lithuania and Croatia led to the continuity. This exhibition is one more analogy of laboratory: neither organizers nor the artists know what the final result is going to be. The questioning theme of myth and art intrigues with its fusion. Both these notions fit debatable origin, subjectivity. Interestingly, – both notions are / may be a part of each other. One of the gallery’s aims is to promote the young artists to create. In this case, some of the young artists are well experienced in the sphere of art, others – just look for a background to state. Julija Jakilaitytė, Simonas Kuliešis, Kristina Mažeikaitė, Julija Pociūtė, Rosanda Sorakaitė, Povilas Ramanauskas, Lina Šniraitė, Vytautas Tautkevičius, Rasa Vilčinskaitė – analize general points or its absence.