International viedo art festival VIDEOHOLICA (Varna) 2013 selection

Curator Neno Belchev (BG).


Anna Ádám (HU / FR). AS IF... 2013 / 00:39

Anna Ádám savo projektuose tiria buvusių ir dabartinių Vengrijos politinių bei ekonominių įvykių
poveikį ir pasekmes žmonių santykiams (“Past Perfect Continous, 2013”, “Crossed Roads”,
2013, “Sally”, 2013), taip pat gyventojų elgewsio pokyčius dėl materialinių gėrybių (“Little No
Things”, 2011) ir nuolatinį miesto peizažo kitimą (“The great manoeuvre”, 2012 “Closed”, 2013).
Projektas “Tar tum...” abejoja galios sąntykių evoliucija kuri gali egzistuoti tarp autobiografinės
ir bendros istorijos kaip ir atminties, atkreipia dėmesį į tai, kaip šiuolaikinėj Vengrijoj atsiranda
naujos smurto, agresijos ir antisemitizmo formos. Kai kurie žmonės yra priversti prisiminti tai, ką
visada norėjo pamiršti.



Lora Dimova (BG / AT ). SILENCE OF THE PIG. 2013 / 02:58

In the evening a pig sneaks into a children plaground and explores what goes on there.
The pig is alone, because humans are not eager to play with pigs, as they are too dirty and
messy animals. The animal tries to keep it quiet, so nobody can notice its presence. The pig
discovers how beautiful and wondrous the world around is. The feeling of loneliness fades
away and a new found happiness emerges from within the heart of the creature.



Peter Freund (USA). CAMP. 2011 / 07:13

Two narrators, one speaking Arabic and the other Mandarin, mix original and cited commentary
on the political and theatrical senses of the word “camp.” The film draws visually
from a diversity of documentary and fiction film sources, presenting unexpected convergences
between the figure of the concentration camp and campy aesthetics. The overarching
collage and exposition suggest the role of fantasy in traumatic historical memory and
the ethical root of flamboyant enjoyment.



Anna Garner (USA). SEQUENTIAL INTERACTIONS  2013 / 01:54

The performative video Sequential Interactions, depicts the artist successively breaking open
five milk filled balloons with a pin held between her teeth. The mammary shape and contents
of the hovering balloons suggest a tender and motherly relationship yet the antagonistic act of
bursting them runs counter to this. Despite the discomfort of the act, each balloon is successively
popped and
the task is completed. The action portrays a futile and antagonistic exchange between the artist
and the objects questioning what is gained in the repetition of these adverse altercations.



Johannes Hugo (DE). REPORT. 2010-2011 / 03:30

A video camera is disassembled during recording in front of a mirror by the artist. While dismantling
the mechanic elements, handling from passion to also
raw control, the video tape keeps on recording the act of its own destruction. In that case, the
form al work with the image comes to a point, where two states of reality begin to merge and
generate an at least basically less influenced process.


Nenova Mechev

Lipovansky / Nenova / Mechev (BG). DON'T KILL HER 2013 / 03:02 / 16:09

We live in a society whose values are wind and fog hypocritical, pretentious, false. We do politics
from culture, but not cultural politics. Integrate the Roma people, while we hate Gypsies.
Mastering spaces, while demolishing schools. Prejudices are hazing, clouding reality and destroy
it. No, no, no ... do not kill her!


Alona Rodeh (IL). BARKING DOGS DON'T BITE. 2012 / 07:00

Barking Dogs don’t Bite is a video piece composed of two parts – Day and Night. Both sections
show a vacant storefront commercial gallery space. The gallery enters a cyclical process
that seems to be automatic and self-inflicted: a smoke bomb is thrown into the space
from an unknown source from above - one by one, all the defense mechanisms of this typical
urban commercial space begin to act, in an orchestrated performance. There are no
intruders or trespassers, only passers-by who do not notice the action. Instead, the viewer
remains the sole witness to this drama in its entirety. The work was filmed at Braverman
Gallery, Tel Aviv; Commissioned by the Arts Department, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality In group
show ‘Province: Visitor Center’, Curated by Leah Abir. “Barking Dogs Don’t Bite” won 2nd
Prize for Video Art and Experimental Film, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2013.



Marko Schiefelbein (DE). I CAN. YOU CAN. 2012 / 07:25

A woman is sitting on a couch while focusing her iron view into the camera and suddenly
starts to talk. Out of her grows a canny and calm monologue that manifests her world of
thoughts and ideas. The at first independently created monologue starts to get tangled
up into contradictions, torn between different views and ideologies. It is a result of phrases
taken out from different commercials that were combined into a continuously ongoing
monologue. The monologue turns out to be commanded and alienated by advertisement.


James Snazell (UK). SCAPE. 2009 / 07:00

Scape examines the way in which architecture and geography can be subsumed into a suggestible
surface of abstraction, with digital still images of the London Underground and
Berlin U-Bahn and sounds from Berlin’s Hauptbanhof being used to create sequences of
moving images. That look to deconstruct the three- dimensional built environment into
„perspectives of flatness”, which in turn re-construct a critical sensibility toward the concrete,
rationalized spaces of urban cartography.



Sanchirchimeg Vanchinjav (MN / DE). TANIHGUI NEGENE DOMOG. 2013 / 05:50

A day starts with the morning and ends with the night. Can one compare the times of the
day with the different ages of our people? The morning as merry as a playing child, midday
as radiant as a young woman and the evening as wise as an old lady? The times of the day
are epitomised by three young ladies standing next to a single yurt on bare steppe. Every
time one of the three ladies walks around the yurt, the time of the day changes. This oneiric
story was inspired by old Mongolian traditions, riddles and legends.



Aaron Zeghers (CA). ((IN STASIS)). 2013 / 02:45

A hibernation meditation to ward off seasonal depression. Created with the Franken-Milne
strobeo-scopic LED contact printer on 16 mm. Music by Sigur Ros.