This joint project of three artists from different countries - awaited gallery's "Meno parkas" exhibition from gallery's international cultural exchange programme ART LINE.

Zahra Hassanabadi (Iran-Germany), Agnė Jonkutė (Lithuania), and Judith Lesur (France) met through KaNîBal’HoPoX, a European network of spaces of creation which organizes exhibitions and symposiums in different countries. Judith asked Zahra and Agnė for performance collaborations. As Intimacy is a connecting thread fluttering in their works, she then invited them to make an exhibition together.

The meanings of the word “Intimacy” are the landmarks of the exhibition: something that exists deep inside, something of a personal or private nature, belonging, closeness, inseparability, familiarity, nearness.

"Three ways, one point" creates a dialogue between works of different techniques and media (painting, video, sewing...) constituting various reflexions on what we really - or metaphorically - reveal - or hide - when exposing our Intimacy.

Zahra Hassanabadi transforms personal items of daily life into an artistic statement: she wove the cards’ she was using up to get in contact with her Iranian relatives after her immigration to Germany, into a carpet. She collected labels that are tagged inside clothes and cut them off in order to attach them to the outside of used coats and dresses which become a permeable second skin.

Secrets things and surfaces for Agnė Jonkutė are Intimacy. She tells the Story about the fragility of the human existence using things those came from her grandparents (a pair of mittens for one hand knitted by her grandmother), using the gap between several things (two detachable strands of hair from her other grandmother), observing disappearing surface (black curtain in the dark room).

With the series "Pieces of me / Me in pieces", Judith Lesur uses images of her body as material. Shot in close-up, parts of her body become landscapes, and tell their own stories, like her feet walking on different grounds, writing a kind of personal diary. On a wider scale, she stages her body in natural landscapes, standing naked with a vegetal mask, both standing out as a woman and melting with the scenery as a creature. 


Exhibition will be opened till November 17th.


WAYS FOR ONE POINT: Zahra Hassanabadi