Joint exhibition RETROSPECTRUM of Lithuanian Artists' Association's (LAA) galleries, that are based in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Panevėžys, is dedicated to 80 years anniversary of association.

With this exhibition is beeing aimed to link separate galleries' expositions to integral cultural view and through visual shape present activities of these galleries. The title of the exhibition - "Retrospectrum" - appeals to retrospect and to spectrum, which indicates color diversity, which comes out through entirety. This is the way how conceptual neologism appears, which frames the content into form. However, "Retrospektras" is not a traditional retrospect exhibition - every gallery looks in the topic of the exhibition through distinctive angel and different operational angels of galleries merges into united perspective - the goal to present Lithuania's arttists' creation as wide and as preffessional as possible.

Gallery "Meno parkas" presents here artworks of Agnė Jonkutė and Patricija Gilytė. Presentation of these artworks is closely related with gallery "Meno parkas". Premier of video triptych "tri-galaxian L4116" (stop motion animation) by Patricija Gilytė was held during gallery's cinternational contemporary art festival "Kaunas in Art. Spread. Connections" (Kaunas, 2014) and after this followed expantion abroad - to international art fairs in Singapore, London, Berlin and Budapest.

Version of long-term project by Agnė Jonkutė - site specific installation "An Angle" (slide projection, pedestal) - last summer was presented at the gallery during contemporary painting festival "Generations XY.Z" (curator A. Barzdukaitė-Vaitkūnienė). Installation reflects artist's openness to ways of expression and alternative approach to new technologies.

Gallery also will present documentary form participations at art fairs (Bologna, London, Singapore, Berlin, Budapest, Vilnius). Another documentary presents gallery's projects.

Publications published by gallery "Meno parkas" also appears at separate exposition, which is dedicated to present printed editions of  LAA galeries: at the balcony of gallery "Arka" is open small library, where is possible to scatter various catalogs and books summoned during long period of LAA galleries' running.

Exhibition will be opened till 28th of November.

Organizer: merga         Sponsor:  LTK Logotipas6