Zenonas Varnauskas, from series "Mother and the Child" (1999)

Participants: Zenonas Varnauskas (1923-2010), Birutė Sarapienė, Virginija Kirvelienė, Marijona Sinkevičienė, Saulė Urbanavičiūtė (Lithuania), Almyra Weigel (Germany), Dovilė Riebschlager (USA), Solveiga Vaitkutė, Ina Mindiuz, Asta Masiulytė (Spain), Eli Acheson–Elmassry, Wanda Zyborska, Angela Davies (Great Britain).

Exhibiton is a part of gallery's international cultural exchange programme "Art Line".

The project is partly financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Kaunas City Municipality.

Catalog of exhibitiion is here...

Project “TEXTile Interpretations: Z. VARNAUSKAS, “ESAME” AND “MOTERYS MENE”, which is presented at spaces of gallery “Meno parkas”, has already traveled three cities of Spain – Madrid, Murcia and Granada.

The main idea of this interdisciplinary project is to interpret the art of textile: to connect various generations’ experiences of this art sphere with conception of the exhibition – “Femininity”. Every participant of this exhibition treats features as sensitiveness, compassion, suffering, thoughtfulness, modesty, gentleness etc., in her own way, pierced through the prism of her own personal values. Together, the objects of the exhibition is a TEXT, which is registered from painting of one of the founders of Lithuanian textile artist – Zenonas Varnauskas. His pieces reflects perception of a wide range of emotional experience such as melancholy, love, life, illness or death. 

Zenonas’ Varnauskas’ creation was presented in 2015 in Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Madridand in other cities of Spain: Murcia and in Maracena (the province of Granada). The Spanish viewer was introduced with artists pieces from the period of 1965 – 2000.

Repetetive features of the series “Mother and the Child” could be defined as dramatic journey of life. Figures of a mother and a child dominate, the close connection reflects painful and melancholic mood. Figures seems to be marked by affliction, what conveys life of those days.

Textile artists group “ESAME” of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Kaunas Department was established by initiative of artist Zinaida Dargienė in 2006 and later was passed to Birutė Sarapienė. Today the group unites over 20 members. The group started to organize their textile exhibitions in various Lithuanian cities and foreign. Almost all artists of the group are professional textile artists and know well traditional textile, also seeks for not traditional ways of expression.

In parallel to this exhibition in Kaunas, will be opened exhibition “Textile Interpretations: Z. Dargienė” on 17th of November in Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Madrid.

Group „Moterys mene“ had its first exhibition „Moterys Mene: ESAM! in Kaunas City Museum in 2013. This resemblance of the names had a stricking point to representation of both groups. This idea was expanded through the second exhibition of  „Moterys mene: SPALVA“ (2014). There was invited artists from different countries and nationalities to participate at this exhibition, what a little changed exhibition‘s specific. If the first exhibition connected only Lithuanian artists, with the second show there was established international link, what equals cultural identity.

New project „Textile Interpretations“ participates presents painting, photography, digital collage, fashion, experimental textile, sculpture etc. Artists – weevers of their surrounding with different approaches to social, ecological, and creative possibilities that develop in reality.

Exhibition will be opened till 15th of December.