gintaras kamarauskas

UNsilent / UNspoken

I'm exhibiting sculptures and drawings that were created during the year 2015 specially for this exhibition. It's like a bridge between my previous creative stage and the search of new paths. Maybe that's why this exhibition hasn't become that united. I speak through individual work. I wanted to hear the silence, to find an adequate forms, but I couldn't keep the silence... Thoughts still loud, still restless, life still overshadowing them with its noise. So I'm standing in such uncertain state, when you don't want to say a lot of words, philosophize, but you can't be silent yet.

Therefore, different expressions were needed for different thoughts, emotions and states of mind: sometimes - volume, wood textures, restrained, constructed form, sometimes - colour, plane and light in plywood sculptures, sometimes - free drawn line in drawing.

This time accept me like this: in silent or speaking...

Gintaras Kamarauskas

"The sculpture of Gintaras Kamarauskas is like tree with strong Lithuanian roots and blossoms of Japanese Sakura tree"

Art critic Violeta Jasevičiūtė