by Agnė Liškauskienė


Solo exhibition of the artist Agnė Liškauskienė - awaited event. Artist enrich the national context of contemporary art by exploiting her pictorial perception. At a formal level, the author reveals herself as a gourmet of Lithuanian landscape - inside-out canvases and abstract paintings of our fields breathes in Italian Arte Povera and pays a tribute to Lithuanian countryside.

In a true sence of the word these works is scraped - from my memory and from the palette.

I'm developing the same theme as before, derive ideas from nature and filter them in my own way. In this exhibition I juxtapose two pictorial expresions, which are speaking about the same thing in different technical languages. I'm overpowered by horizontal patch motive. I can't stop responding to landscape: when constantly looking through the window, no matter where I am - I think pictorially, working in my mind, gathering everything and puting into my memory (maby all painters feeling like that? Haven't asked).

All my experiences and thoughts on the inside-out canvases, in relation to motive, arranged more intuitively filosofical, there are more room for viewer's interpretation: he has to "work" and set out the landscape of his own, through the relation with the work of art. My new works are response to previous, fills up the horizontal patches, which I offer to accept.

I get up looking through the window, I work and go to sleep steping back from it. It seems that over the years I would be able to see enough and burn out, but I still never ceased to wonder in a constant changes of the motive: you don't have time to notice everything and its already tells you something else. This time I focus on color, the relations between its combinations, proportions, where form is less important, It's only necessary for the birth of the color ratio. The landscape itself is like a background, and the things in it like color supplements. I don't seek recognisability, and it's not worth to looking for. More importantly is what kind of color dot splashes on which background color, and what kind of feeling this ratio encodes for us.

However, a return to the color definition was determined by a constantly changing motive too, the color combinations changing, overlapping, disapearing and intermix. Later you have to replicate them from memory. I thought that I should take pictures, collect an archive of the motive and later replicate them with the pictorial means, but what would be the point of that copy?

Frequent subject is a greenhouse. The discovery for me is seeing a greenhouse in the landscape, it's like an animal of some kind, living its live outdoors, always at the same spot, where you can see how it was born, it grows old over time and somethimes dies entirely. Each with its own character, probably reflecting the people who build them.

I wish that the visitor of the exhibition would see and feel the same I see and feel - incredibly simple harmonious gray of our country, monumental meekness of fields etc. It sounds trivially. But my task is to convay that without triviality. The art of haiku reflects best what I want to say, but I create this haiku with color. Briefly distract the city man from the rhythm of the city, relax them with images, "recite" painted haiku - could be the mission of my painting. 

Artist Agnė Liškauskienė

Exhibition will be open till 5th of March.